Railway Companies have great knowledge in transportation of chemical and petrochemical products.

SSI Management, supported by twenty years experience in the European rail transport sector, is engaged mainly in the acquisition of dealings aimed at the improvement of transport by rail of chemical, petrochemical and gaseous products.



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SSI trade and transport srl offer not only the layout of the commercial forwarding contract, but include the whole study of the transport project, the choice of the most suitable means to supply the Clients with the logistical execution appropriate to their needs.
The logistics performed by SSI trade and transport srl comprise monitoring of the whole transport line from the start to the delivery points, thus including the supply of trains or wagons or tank containers as well as loading and unloading operations.
SSI trade and transport srl take care of the study, the project and the construction, as well as of the internal handling of the private rail connection, whenever their clients need to build or re-build the same.


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