The management of SSI trade and transport srl, with a twenty-year experience in the national and international business, perform a commercial activity for the acquisition of traffics to increase the rail transport of chemical, petrochemical and gas products.



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It means not only the preparation of the commercial contract but it includes the study and the transport project, with the choice of suitable solutions and the global logistic organization tailored on the customer's needs.
Our logistic activity consists in monitoring the transport from origin to destination, in the delivery of the trains and in the loading and unloading organization.
If customers need to build or revamping the railway connection, SSI trade and transport srl, with the support of rail technicians, can provide the study, the project, the construction and, if required, the internal management of the connection itself.


OPERATIONAL OFFICE  Via G.Casaregis 4a/17 - 16129 GENOVA - I  Tel +39 010 515036 - +39 010 542314 

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